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Buzzy Bee Consultancy (บัชชี่ บี ที่ปรึกษาธุรกิจ) can also help you with training of your staff on several subjects.* You found your general opportunities for staff development already? Or you want us to help find them? No problem, we are happy to help you. We can use some of our predefined training programs, or we can create a tailormade program.

We definitely provide our services in  Greater Chiang Mai Area and Greater Bangkok Area. Other areas depend on how we can fit it into our agenda, due to the extra travel time we need. Check our availability.

If you want to know more, just contact us by email and we will send you a complete introduction. Or find our other contact details here.


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Training programs

If you want more information or a quotation concerning our training programs, contact us by email, or find our other contact details here.

We will reply to you shortly and after collecting all necessary information provide you a tailored quotation. Most times we will make an appointment to visit your company first and discuss your challenge on location. This is the best way to fully understand your problem. So don’t hesitate, we are ready to assist.


* We have two passions, cycling and sharing knowledge and experience. Unfortunately we cannot do two things at the same time. Therefore we provide this training service year round, but best availability is outside the tourist season. Periods of extremely bad weather (extremely hot/wet) and periods of crisis (e.g. COVID-19) can slow down our cycling business and create extra availability of training hours. Periods of crisis are bad for any company, but realize that they also offer chances. There is time to work on things that were long time on your action list already, but were pushed forward due to operational priorities.

Convert threats to opportunities and make sure you come back better and stronger! Be creative and innovative. Sometimes strange eyes can help you see the light at the horizon. Let us be(e) these eyes!

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